High Vibration City® has been created with the intention of providing like-minded Souls with a platform to not only learn and teach but to connect with others on the ascension journey.

No matter where you find yourself in life, who you are and what your background is, here, we are all equal. Come in and enjoy a space where you will be encouraged and inspired to get to know deeper and higher parts within yourself, freely and creatively express from you heart space and be open to new and different perspectives that can and will contribute to beautiful new vibrational earth.

The Evolution


The intention of High Vibration City® is one that provides everyone, no matter where they are on their life’s journey with support, encouragement, guidance and learning as a multi-dimensional portal. From programs, webinars, forums, workshops and more, we will explore within and beyond the physical realms and remember who we really are and embrace our highest potential. It is our hope that those who are involved with High Vibration City® will contribute in their own way through their learnings, teachings, and connections to a new vibration of being on earth.  We hope you will join us on this journey and be part of this co-creation to help make this space all that it can be. We are certain that the offerings and space itself will evolve and expand with ease and grace at the speed of light.



High Vibration City® was a vision Rebecca-Lee had over fifteen years ago when she went through another level of her awakening. As she was learning and growing she was finding it difficult to connect with people in her physical surroundings who were on the same path and wanted to use the advancements in technology to connect with more like-minded people. At the same time however, she found that those who she knew on-line that were like-minded were very reluctant to share their spiritual and alternative views, thoughts and information online.

She was then had the idea of High Vibration City come to her in a meditation. This was to be a place where the awakened and awakening could connect, and further learn and grow without stress or harassment and would be born at the right time. Through many trials and challenges, it turns out that High Vibe City is birthing at THE most crucial time that it could possibly happen.

The intention was to create an on-line space for those who were feeling alone, isolated and struggling finding their place and people in life. Considering the current world events, and the great awakening upon us it is now the time that people are shifting and growing within and around them faster than ever before. Many people are struggling to find their hang out places on line to be seen, heard and fit in with their peeps.

Come and explore and reach beyond your current fears and limitations and remember who you truly are – a powerfully divine Spirit here having a human experience.

Vision Statement


To mainstream higher consciousness by creating a virtual “City” (and possibly concrete communities) that continually raise the vibration of its members through multi-dimensional programs and opportunities that connect on a heart and soul level.

Value Statement

High Vibration City will:

  • Represent the ideals of heart centered communication and connection.
  • Encourage the embodiment of honesty, truth, and responsibility.
  • Strive without reserve to support the unlocking of blocks to love, abundance, health, peace, acceptance, and connection.
  • Support members committed to self-realization.
  • Be a pioneer, and innovator in on-line learning and connecting.
  • Continue to hold higher states of being and living on earth in our focus.


  • Provide a space to explore “higher consciousness” thoughts, ideas, and philosophies, whilst acknowledging, respecting and tending to our fears, pain, trauma and limitations.
  • Become an invaluable online learning and social asset to a unique market of individuals.
  • Be continually committed to support both individuals and the collective’s highest potential.
  • Cultivate authentic on-line and off-line relationships.