Hearing the Call

Whether you are a seasoned teacher looking for a platform with the right energetic alignment for you and your offerings, or you are ready to step out for the first time with an offering that has been created and brewing for some time, High Vibration City® offers a supportive platform for you to call home. An easy and functional learning management system to offer your teachings’, coupled with beautiful forums your students can gather and connect.  This is a place for you to settle and finally be made visible to a growing number of like-minded seekers. There is no expensive advertising; no censoring and no “ever changing” algorithms to please.  You will also enjoy the ease and individual support you will be offered in putting together all aspects of your offering.

We are looking for the wisdom sharers and space holders who have called out for the right platform to offer teachings to help and support others, learn, grow, and connect.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us by clicking on the button below, so we can discuss your idea’s, offerings, and clientele (potential beloveds you will guide and teach) to explore that we have everything you need.

We don’t just accept the free-thinkers, the rebels, and those pushing the boundaries of the collective consciousness – we welcome them!