Medicine Basket


Journey with Rebecca-Lee:
Unlock the secrets of your soul through the transformative experience of Medicine Basket, carefully guided and facilitated by Rebecca-Lee.

Why Dive into the Medicine Basket Experience?

  • No Prior Art Experience Required: Beginners welcomed! This journey is crafted for every soul.
  • Immediate Course Access: Once registered, dive straight into:
    • Six Immersive Lessons: Featuring comprehensive video demonstrations.
    • Spiritual Tools: Guided meditations and a downloadable workbook to deepen your connection.
    • Community Bonding: Connect with a vibrant online community of like-minded creatives.
    • Lifetime Access: Revisit your spiritual journey whenever you need.

Hosted in High Vibration City:
When purchasing, you will create your own exclusive login credentials to High Vibration City, the hub for all of Rebecca-Lee’s transformative programs.

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is Facilitated and Guided by Rebecca-Lee

Medicine Basket will guide you to discover, what your medicine and gifts are. You will also journey to uncover what is inside of you that you need to remember and connect with.


Lesson 1: Welcome and Introduction

Lesson 2: Emergence

Lesson 3: Affirming Your Gifts

Lesson 4: Symbols as Medicine

Lesson 5: What do you Believe?

Lesson 6: Completion


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