Bella Mama


Bella Mama is Facilitated and Guided by Rebecca-Lee

There is no art experience necessary when you undertake the journey.

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an Intuitive Medicine Painting
Facilitated and Guided by Rebecca-Lee

Bella Mumma is a beautiful creative and intuitive healing process to discover the Divine Feminine essence.

There is no art experience necessary when you undertake the journey.


Lesson 1 – Welcome
Welcoming information and an exploration of your journey with the feminine, including your feminine essence within and your experience with other woman. Here we learn how you can lean on Bella Mama to support you.

Lesson 2 – Introduction
In this lesson you will journey in a beautiful meditation to meet your divine Bella Mama. The messages, insight and visions you receive here will be used on your canvas and the rest of your journey through Bella Mama. We will then bless your canvas and begin painting the portal in which your Bella Mama will enter.

Lesson 3 – Honouring
It is here we honour all the circles of the feminine you belong to, along with honouring the sun and moon. You have the opportunity to be free on the canvas as you make marks of gratitude and honour the feminine and the earth.

Lesson 4 – Intention
On this part of the journey you get to feel into what medicine it is that you need to receive and how and why you would like to invite the Bella Mama’s love and support into your life.

Lesson 5 – Cleansing
We tune in to the elements of the earth and invite cleansing and healing. All that is ready to be let go of can come up at this stage and we work with the elements of the earth on the canvas to feel a sense of cleansing and renewal as we prepare for Bella Mama to arrive.

Lesson 6 – Emergence
You will be guided through another meditation in where you will make contact with Bella Mama. You have the opportunity to practice with drawing and then invite your Bella Mama to enter your canvas through the portal you have been painting.

Lesson 7 – Colour Healing
Here you get to play with and heal with colour. You will use colours as guided by your Bella Mama and tune into what these colours of your Bella Mama bring to you as healing and medicine.

Lesson 8 – Symbols
In this part of the process you will be intuitively guided by Bella Mama to add shapes, symbols and designs to your painting as guided by her. These symbols, insight or energy codes given to you by Bella Mama could represent anything that is important to your Soul as medicine.

Lesson 9 – Taking Form
Bella Mama makes her love and her power known even more at this stage of the process as she works with you on trust and surrender as she takes even more form on your canvas.

Lesson 10 – Integration
All of the insights, the messages, love and visions you have received from Bella Mama begin to integrate inside of you at this stage of the process as we wash your painting with a beautiful glaze to bring everything together.  At this stage a lot of the insights start to make sense and the shift and healing starts to move inside of your body.

Lesson 11 – Adorning
This fun stage of the process gives you the opportunity to add any final marks, symbols, marks or light to your medicine painting that your Bella Mama needs. It is here you can see the full vision of your Bella Mama.

Lesson 12 – Completion
Here you get to reflect on your entire Bella Mama journey and give gratitude, share your experience and your Bella Mama with the Bella Mama community located in High Vibration City.

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