Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts


Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts is created and guided by Rebecca-Lee


As soon as you register to join Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts you receive immediate access to:

  • 12 Modules
  • Guided Meditations, Booklets, Energy Transmissions, Clearings, downloadable Workbooks and more
  • Connected to an online community undertaking the same course
  • Lifetime access

All Rebecca-Lee programs are hosted in High Vibration City. On purchasing your course you will be assigned a login to High Vibration City.

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is Facilitated and Guided by Rebecca-Lee


Module 1 – Manifesting in the Physical Realm

Module 2 – Empathy and Clairsentience

Module 3 – Divine Intelligence and Claircognizance

Module 4 – Sacred Community and Mediumship

Module 5 – Scribing and Interpreting Messages

Module 6 – Divine ‘Seeing’ and Clairvoyance

Module 7 – Channelling and Your Divine Purpose

Module 8 – Past Lives and the Mystic Self

Module 9 – Accessing Soul Contracts; Clearing Binds and Curses

Module 10 – Ancestral Connections; Earth Medicine and Healing

Module 11 – Conscious Leadership; Sovereign Being

Module 12 – Ascertain your Unique Spiritual Gifts Blueprint

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